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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Extracting an image with photoshop



                                                     masking tool


Thursday, 18 December 2014

strip strangler CSI

How does the opening sequence of CSI-strip strangler attract the audience?

Strip strangler is about a murderer that targets young innocent women; he shaves all of his hair off for his murders. He smacks his victims in the head with various objects, forces them to drink a pill, then he rapes and kills them. For each of his murders he changes the way he goes about doing it, which makes it harder for the CSI team as the murderer is unpredictable.

Every single episode of CSI starts very similar; this causes the audience to expect something is going to happen, which builds up anticipation and is a    convention of the show, so the audience will automatically be expecting to see a dead body or the discovery of a murder.

The opening is a long high shot of Las Vegas at night; this implies that the people of the city seem trapped and someone down there is the murderer. The night mis-en-scene indicates danger and that something bad is going to happen.

The next shot is a high shot of the outside of a hotel this suggests somebody is the victim; the thunder and darkness make it seem like a horror film, which builds up anticipation and makes the audience think something bad is about to happen. The hotel door is wide open with makes it look vulnerable and easy to access. When the camera moves down the front of the hotel seems to look darker and you can see a man walk up the staircase inside the hotel which makes the audience think that he is the killer which builds up anticipation.

The next scene is inside the victim’s room; there are sounds of eerie atonal echoing which builds up to a crescendo which makes the audience anticipate something bad is going to happen to her. You can see the killers point of view, as he walks along the corridor it gets cramped which suggests the victim can’t escape. When the camera tracks into the victim’s room you can see a stereo typical female in her bed, she is young, attractive and is wearing night clothes. A creaking floorboard wakes up there is a cut to a closer cut which lets us see the fear in her face. The jump cut gives the audience a fright and she looks up as if she is looking at you. You see her point of view and you see red objects in her room which suggests danger, blood and death. It cuts to a medium close up and you can see relief in the victim’s face however there is still a low string sound which signifies there is still someone there and creates tension.

There is another creak of the floorboard and forces the girl to lift her head up. There is a cut so we see from her point of view again and a crescendo of non-diegetic sounds begin to gets louder and louder to build anticipation. The room is in complete darkness for a quick three seconds then a flash of lighting illuminates the room which reveals the killer who is wearing a black hoodie, which associates him with bad guys. He flexes the iron wire which suggests she is going to get strangled. We don’t see his face because the cut is so quick, this builds up suspense.

There is a cut to a high shot of the women screaming in fear; this angle makes her look more vulnerable. The pace of the editing increases to build up tension. There is another cut to show a medium close up of the killer and the iron falling off the table, as the women screams this is followed by a cut to a high angle of the women, this shows she is weak, the crescendo emphasises her scream to increase the sense of fear, then there is a fade to black before we actually see the crime, this keeps the audience in suspense.






Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Wilhelm Scream

The Wilhelm scream is one of the most famous screams to ever be in films as it is a unique, weird and funny scream. It is used in many films such as, toy story, star wars and Indiana jones. It was first used in a film called Distant Drums but private Wilhelm made it famous when he was stabbed by a spear.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Annabelle - Official Main Trailer [HD]

This trailer is a perfect example of all the editing coming into one such as, fade in fade out and iris

Editing in films

Editing is one of the most used things for producing films, it cuts out the boring bits such as, walking to a place, or delivering an item. Editing helps construct the narrative, we're so used to seeing editing in films we barely recognise it. Editing is often 'invisible'. In the assassination scene in north by north west between roger getting out the taxi to looking down on the united nations building there are 26 cuts most frequently during the conversation so we can see the characters facial reactions. The pace of the editing can be used to create excitement and tension for example, in the shower scene of psycho the pace speeds up but when Marion dies the pace slows down, as if her life is slowly leaving her.

dissolve- one scene dissolves into another, overlapping for a moment

fade out fade in- one scene fades out to black completely, then another fades in.

wipes- one scene wipes across the screen, revealing or replacing the next one. This can happen in any direction.

Iris- The next scene replaces the last by appearing from the centre like an iris of an eye.

Jump cuts- Two scenes that feature a common element right after one another, so something stays the same but the rest changes. This is used for disorients or comedy effect.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Basic camera shots


Extreme close up- Breaking Bad

Close up- Star Wars

medium close up-Batman

medium shot- The Inbetweeners

medium long shot- Pirates Of The Caribbean

Long shot- Band Of Brothers

extreme long shot- The Walking Dead